About Us

Hello everyone, we just wanted to give you a little background on Sharing is Giving. This site of group links was made in the love of the idea that we can make a difference in our communities as freecyclers.

What are freecyclers you may ask. Freecyclers are folks that have used items that are not being used that are just to good for the landfills. These folks post the items on a freecycling group such as Sharing Is Giving and freecycle it to a neighbor. Freecyclers are the next generation of recyclers, how wonderful.

Sharing Is Giving was started by Pastor Ken Hedden Sr, of the Adirondacks in NY, better known by many as PK, back in Feburary 2005.
PK wanted a simple place with no politics and no power struggles with only simple rules for folks to freecycle their unneeded but still useful items.

As Sharing Is Giving started to grow, Nora Child from SA TX joined with PK in 2005 to help Sharing Is Giving grow even more, as Group Organizer.
Updated Information, as of 2012 Nora is the Co-Owner of SIG, thank you Nora for all of your dedication to SIG!

As that growth started, Dawana from OR came on board to help us out with the amazing growth of groups in and out of the USA.

We feel that freecycling is a thing that many folks enjoy. The decision was made to  make a place for like minded freecyclers to place their links free from controlling entities. We will always remain free, with NO alternative motives.

We welcome not only Sharing Is Giving groups but fellow freecycling groups as well. The only rules are stated on our Home page.

We welcome comments on how to improve and promote the site.

Remember this is a site set up and paid for by us for you out of our love of the concept of saving our planet and helping our communities. We do not and will not seek funding for Sharing Is Giving. We plan to keep it always self funded.

Sharing Is Giving A Caring Community for All