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Due To The Drop In Group Users since Yaboo!
Changed The Group Format To NEO
We Are Very Sorry But SIG Will Be Closing Our Doors.
It Has Been A Great 16 Years So This Decision To Make.

It Was A Hard Decision  To Make But Most Be Done. With The Announcement That Yaboo! Will Be Shutting Down It's Groups I Suggest That All Group Owners And/or Co-Owners Switch Your Groups To A New Group Supplier. I Recommend .io To Use As You New Choice Of Group Format.

We Will Be Leaving The Site Up For A While To Give Group Owners Time To Get Theirs Groups Moved From Yaboo!

Welcome to Sharing is Giving
The Alternative to The Freecycle Network!

If you also like the concept of freecycling with others without all of the rules and politics, this is the place to do it. Everyone is welcome to put a link to their site here, free.  All we ask for is a reciprocal (Live) link on your home/front page. This gives us all more exposure to the web crawlers and potential new members.

Sharing is Giving is for FREE transfers of
Legal, all age-appropriate articles.

Sharing is Giving Rules:

All items offered or wanted must be free, legal and appropriate for all.

No profanity will be allowed. If we see any group with links allowing this in any area of the group, that group will be deleted from this link site immediately.

No Selling-Trading-Bartering sites.  This is not what Sharing is Giving is for.  

As new lists come aboard, a link will be added for them to our site. This will be done in alphabetical order of states. International Groups will have a separate page and done the same way. Groups who choose the name 'Sharing is Giving' will be given priority. Everyone can use the `SharingIsGiving-(your city/state) @yahoogroups.com' name or any other form you choose to be a SiG Group.

'Sharing Is Giving' lists will always be on top of all of the State lists in alphabetical order, with other freecycling groups listed under them.

`Sharing is Giving' is a `link only site' to direct potential members to recycling sites that follow the basic `Sharing is Giving rules'.

All Freecycling type groups, regardless of the name, are welcome to post their lists here. The more Freecylcers the better.  :) Together we can help save our Planet!

We are not going to enforce any kind of rules other than those stated above. Each list owner runs his or her own list.  Each list owner makes his/her own rules that their freecycling members must abide by.  The only requirements that Sharing is Giving requests are that the list remains for FREE items that are legal and appropriate for all.

If there is a complaint filed about a list that is not following the basic rules - free, legal, appropriate for all ages, no trading, bartering or selling in a hosted group, the list may be removed from the Sharing is Giving Site.

We wish you luck in your freecycling groups .  We wish you many Blessings for taking the time to help the earth by recycling and promoting recycling within your communities.  

If you would like to start a Sharing Is Giving group in your home town or area and need help doing so, please go to our contact us page. We will be glad to help you build your new list or get you started in doing it yourself.

If you note any dead links please let us know, thank you.

DISCLAIMER:SIG AND ALL ASSOCIATE  MEMBERS USE SAID GROUPS AT THEIR OWN RISK. Please take reasonable measures to protect your safety and privacy when posting to group lists or when completing a direct gifting with another member. By joining any group on this site, you agree to hold neither the list owners, moderators, nor anyone affiliated with The SIG Community responsible or liable for any circumstance resulting from a SiG or associate- related gifting or communication. It is freecycler beware. Always put your safety first!

freecycle is free
Freecycle is finally free! Read all about it here.

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Sharing Is Giving A Caring Community for All