Links to Misc. Free Groups
These are groups that folks have sent in that we thought you would enjoy, or benefit from.

Big Ticket Free Share      For those big ticket items you want or have to give FREE

Excel Tips  Do you want to learn more about the power of Excel? This is the place!

Texas Second Chance Pets    A wonderful site for pet lovers to find Free pets  or homes for them. If you love animals as we all should this is a wonderful site.

Tips   Too Many Tips to mention, you just have to visit to see for yourself.

Food Share   This site is an extension of Freesharing, for food only.

Fabulous Recyclers     Just a neat site to look at and get some ideas.

Paperback Swap          A place for paper back book swapping.

Secret Santa USA        A site to help needy families at Christmas time.

Ready 2 Leave FC   Ready to break away from FC and go out on your own, or join and alternative community?

Sharing Is Giving A Caring Community for All